Special Products

At ACI, we understand that every project and customer has unique needs and choices that have to be met. That’s what makes the Special Products section an integral and crucial part of ACI. In keeping with ACI’s core belief that quality is a matter of trust, the Special Products section makes sure that every one of the brands associated with ACI uphold that belief.

That is why all the brands under the ACI aegis are benchmarks in themselves. Wandsworth, which deals in electrical accessories, security systems, hygiene products and IPiN Nurse Call systems, is a name from UK that is as old as it is prestigious. Associated with landmarks like the Windsor Castle, Palace of Westminster and the Waldorf Hotel, this is a firm trusted by royalty itself. Eclettis, which makes the SmoothLine range of switches and sockets, is hailed for its reliability and beautiful Italian craftsmanship. Ekowood from Malaysia is famous for its solid hardwood flooring and so answers needs of any client who wants to give their home an earthy and yet rich feel. Saddi Metal from UAE, Starwood from Italy and the Light Corporation from UK are associated with ceiling systems, architectural windows and lighting systems respectively.

Noteworthy among the projects handled are the Sultan Qaboos University hospital and private villas of high net worth individuals. The IPiN Nurse Call system, an innovation that is set to be one of the hallmark products of medical services in the future, has been approved by the Ministry of Health. Also, in the Barka Palace, the Light Corporation has been specified as the supplier for all lighting purposes. As names like the Wave project and PDO have also started to entrust large projects, the Special Products division is looking to be heading towards a very special future.


Established in 1904, the Wandsworth name is synonymous with quality, design expertise and manufacturing distinction. Our signature electrical accessories and lighting controls showcase bespoke British craftsmanship, unparalleled technical excellence and luxurious quality that can be uniquely tailored to your needs and design requirements.



An Ohio based company, has been turning out aesthetically appealing and long lasting composite decking material for over 10 years. It offers durable, outdoor living solutions with beautiful designs and a low-maintenance lifestyle.


JEB Partition systems

In today’s modern office environment, office partitions must be able to offer aesthetics as well as acoustic performance. JEB has several systems that are able to provide both, while offering design creativity and flexibility. Its full time design staff provides a comprehensive CAD support and technical support service in any location around the world.