Interior Design

Started as a separate unit within ACI offering specialized services, the interior design department has already taken giant strides. Apart from garnering some of the most prestigious clients and high profile projects, the design department has clearly established itself as an entity with a progressive design philosophy and ambitious plans for the future.

With a very clear objective of making a mark as a one of a kind set-up, the work process itself has been made free flowing. The department is run by a team of highly qualified and experienced design professional!;, all of whom combine to bring the final product to fruition. From the very first stage of the client brief, through the space planning, the presentation, the plan approval, right to the 3-D drawings, the preparation of tender documents and the selection of materials, the biggest focus of all is ideas. Shapes, spaces and forms are all re-invented, in sync with global trends. The materials used are different, each suited perfectly to the environment that is being created.

Each project is seen as a unique challenge, with its own possibilities and potential. Somewhere it is Abdul reinventing a space to explore new possibilities; another project could be about giving a well known name a new image, while at another time, the challenge could be to combine the elements of land and the sea into one place that defines fusion.

The effort is always to push the bar higher higher in terms of creativity and vision. No effort is spared in transforming perceptions, challenging what is thought possible to create a new benchmark. Every time.

This is design with soul, a soul that speaks the language of the new millennium.