For all the planning, selection of materials and hours of poring over designs, the most important part of any project is its final execution, its fruition into reality. Which is why the project execution unit at ACI becomes the sum total of all that has gone on before, it is the synthesis of all the efforts that all the other divisions have put into any project.

To execute perfectly all that has been promised, the project execution division has factories where all the raw materials are assembled. From wood works and furnishing to false ceilings, it all comes together here, under the watchful eye of highly skilled and experienced supervisors, each of whom combine efficiency with a sense of aesthetics and eye for detail. The machinery is all state of the art, imported from the best manufacturers in the world. All the personnel are highly trained motivated towards making every step of every project absolutely perfect.

The fleet that supports the execution division works towards on-time delivery and also widespread procuring. All the systems and processes are regularly updated to keep up with both ACI and global standards. It is a section that works like clockwork, to ensure that the heart of ACI keeps ticking.

The sum of any project is not just the tables and chairs that make it up, what really brings a space to life are the finer details. The fabrics, the textures, the interplay of colors, the juxtaposition of materials; that’s how the air within four walls finds definition. And that’s where the soft furnishing division becomes an integral part of project execution.

Whether it is modern day minimalist chic or more traditional luxuriant settings, the soft furnishing division has a vision for everyone. And that vision is brought together by components from all over the world. Persian carpets, Mongolian rugs, Swiss blinds; they all become part of the plan. Primarily, window coverings, floor coverings and wall coverings are the forte of soft furnishing division. The range is vast and what sets ACI’s offering apart is that everything can be customized. Although the materials may come from outside, the resources and skill put into any job is all ACI. The human touch is never outsourced.

A lot goes into a project, but the effort at the end of it all s to create a space that is unique and full of character. A space that is a testament to the efforts of ACI.