About Us

The ACI Overview
In 1982, Dekor was established by the Asha Group, to bring the best in interior solutions and furnishings to Oman. The unit expanded in vision, diversified in interest and Asha Contracting & Interiors (ACI) was born. ACI has come to stand for customized solutions to suit every space, every customer. From wood works and soft furnishings to fitted kitchens and ambient lighting, ACI has the complete range of solutions under one roof, to change the feel of any space within 4 walls. This vastness of scope is what forms the true strength of ACI and yet, in spite of its vast operational diversity, ACI has always upheld the same values of reliability and service beyond expectations that characterize the Asha Group as a whole.

With its streamlined operations, ACI has always been able to keep focus on its clientele, even as the brands underneath it keep multiplying day by day. Quality is seen as a matter of trust and to ensure that trust is never let down, it is ensured that each and every one of the brands carries that same pride in excellence.

The effort at the end of the day is to create a design studio where empty space is given beauty and meaning, reflecting the consumer’s own personality and taste.

This is what ACI is all about – a vision of understanding and shaping dreams.

How ACI works
ACI is built around experience. Not! just lessons from the past, but the sensations of look and feel, which form the perception of any interior. Which is why, from the moment they walk in, customers take a journey through every aspect that makes up a space.

Keeping in mind how the consumer of today is changing, ACI re-invents the way it looks at colours, textures, patterns and designs every day, so that each customer can fulfill their imagination. ACI has introduced concepts like internal architecture, to add a new dimension to modern day living. ACI has also joined hands with world class names like Alno Kitchens, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular kitchens and Wandsworth, the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of high end electrical switches.

Everything can be customized and delivered, that’s what makes ACI special. Customer involvement is encouraged at every step of the process, so that no details are left out. At ACI, consultants are always ready at hand, to give a word of expert advice, but never interfering with the consumer’s own expression.

This is the essence of the ACI ethos – committed, knowledgeable and always working with a smile.